Our Values

Our Meals Are Local, Clean, Natural & Rich

In Africa, our food influences our community by supporting and nourishing the spirit on every level. Our views, values, humor, and hopes all stem from how we feed ourselves. So we wish to put our culture first in the meals we will prepare; which we believe will lead us to a better and more diverse community.

Africa consists of over 54 countries, and it is our plan to introduce and infuse each culture to America’s culture through food as we grow.

The Tatse Promise

To provide a diverse culturally infused healthy attitude.

We believe healthy life begins with healthy attitude towards self and community. We value what we put on your table, we shop local, organics, no artificial, preservatives or colors.

Our Vision

To create a food haven that embraces, appreciates, infuses and celebrates differences, cultures and flavors.

Our Mission

To create an avenue for culture interaction and celebration.


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